Mindful Eating

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Mindful Eating

What do I mean by the term “mindful eating?” Essentially, it’s applying the principles of mindfulness to your eating habits, as a way of ensuring thoughtful food choices and healthful results.


Our brains are constantly filtering information and sending out impulses that drive our behaviors. When a thought crosses your mind, do you ever stop and wonder “who is thinking that thought?” The majority of the thoughts, feelings and images flashing through your subconscious mind have an impact. And, it’s all happening without you being fully aware of where this stream of input is really coming from. For example, we’ve all had the experience of suddenly becoming aware while driving of having no recollection of the previous few miles… “How did I get here?”

Increasing your awareness of this distracted mindset should bring you back into control and can even turn self-harming choices into mindful, self-honoring actions. In hypnosis, we work on observing the subconscious chatter that’s holding you back and replacing negative-loop thoughts with a more productive script.

Mindful Eating

While you’re distracted, emotional needs, fears or desires are noise playing in the background; and your distracted mind can misinterpret the info. The internal “call out” for relief from stress, worry or sadness may be met with a confused answer: “Maybe food or drink will make me feel better?”

Before you grab a bag of chips, take a few minutes to focus. Keep in mind, autopilot mode does a good job of keeping us functioning, even when we drift off; but, it’s not a source of discernment and problem-solving ability. Comfort food often gets a bad rap but consider this scenario: you recognize you’re feeling exhausted, stressed and anxious, and you’re craving some emotional comfort from a favorite food. You can mindfully plan a sensory-rich meal, including a balance of things that nurture your body while also filling you up on a emotional level.

So, instead of those fried chips, opt for natural sweet-potato chips. Top some plain Greek yogurt with pieces of organic chocolate versus the high-fat ice cream you were thinking about. Now, you have a high-fiber and protein-rich snack with enough of a decadence factor to qualify as comfort food!

With mindful eating, you can practice self-care and treat your senses without burying emotions under mindless decisions and actions.

Awareness is the key factor! Become the one that ‘watches’ the thinker inside your head, and free yourself from the driving force of the chatter. Apply your new mindfulness skills to your food choices, and other daily decisions, for a happier, healthier lifestyle.

Bon Apetite!


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